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Website: Fair Park Bible Fellowship

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Phone: 214-394-0098

Pastor Stephen Broden is the Founder and Senior Pastor of Fair Park Bible Fellowship, a non-denominational inner-city church, in Dallas, TX since ’87. Seeing the need to rescue and promote potential in the black community, Pastor Broden has been an Advocate in the Fair Park and South Dallas areas for economic opportunity, quality education, and respect for life since '83.

He is the President of the Fair Park Friendship Center, a community-centered gathering place for groups such as the Boy Scouts and the Girl's Club, and a community resource center offering hands-on assistance to surrounding area families. He is also the founder of Ebony Berean, an organization with a mission to inform African-American Pastors of the "Culture Wars". Pastor Broden is a multi-faceted leader with a a career in business, years as a newscaster and radio broadcaster, and a former adjunct professor at Dallas Baptist University.

Recently, he ran for U.S. Congress in the Texas 30th Congressional District in 2010. He felt compelled to run because of a deep concern over the direction our country is taking - away from the Constitutional principles which made this nation great, and rapidly toward Western European socialism - which will make us weaker, less prosperous, less safe and less free.

Pastor Broden has appeared in numerous national tv and radio talk shows (i.e. Glenn Beck, Huckabee, James Robison’s Life Today) and is a sought after speaker on the moral, economic, and spiritual impact abortion is having in the black community.

He has been a leader in the Black Pro-Life Movement for decades and recently received the Pro-Life Recognition award from the National Pro-Life Religious Council for continuous leadership in the cause of life on January 24th, 2011.