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Connie Eller is head of Missouri Blacks for Life (MoBL). Connie grew up in New York, had an abortion at the age of seventeen (17) and immediately regretted it as she left the facility. During this time in her late teens, Connie heard the forgiving, loving message of Jesus Christ, received Him into her life, and now to this very day rejoices in the forgiveness and inner peace that is hers. After receiving Jesus Christ into her life, Connie became passionate about saving the lives of unborn children and started Missouri Blacks for Life (MoBL).

Over the years, Connie has starred in Maafa21, a very carefully reasoned, well-produced exposé of the abortion industry, racism and eugenics. Maafa21 traces the abortion industry back to its eugenics roots. It proves through innumerable sources that the founders of Planned Parenthood and other parts of the abortion movement were interested in killing off the Black race in America and elsewhere. Maafa21 exposes some of the most powerful leaders of the socialist and humanist movements of the 20th century as racists, on a par with Adolf Hitler but much more clever. The film's argument is presented so well that it is irrefutable.

Connie has worked at Bott Radio and is a longtime staff member of "Our Lady's Inn". For years Connie has led the team that coordinated the fleet of busses that made the round trip to and from St. Louis and Washington, DC to take part in the annual "March for Life," on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade.