National Black Pro-Life Coalition ∴ Ashley Harrell, Ph.D.


Church: Church of Joy
Video: Abortion
Black People Against Abortion

Media Interview:
Phone: 847-731-2117

Dr. Ashley Harrell leads the Church of Joy's ministry, "Black People Against Abortion" (BPAA). This bold ministry is a grassroots morality movement boldly declaring a message of hope and encouragement with Black men and women to value life, keep their babies, reject abortion and stop the genocide that threatens the Black race. Every day in America, over 3,300 babies are lost through abortion and 1,800 of those babies are in the African American community. In fact, since Roe v. Wade legislation passed in 1973, over 25 million innocent Black babies have lost their lives.

Abortion is a silent genocide that is quickly destroying the Black community as thousands of children die each year in abortion clinics that are strategically placed in urban, high minority communities. There must be an outcry against the Black genocide that silences the voices of our children at an alarming race Black People Against Abortion is a movement that values life and encourages Black women, "Don't do it my sista." Black women are good mothers. Black women are loving, compassionate and kind. Black men are good fathers. Black men are strong, capable, and willing to provide for their children.

Black People Against Abortion presents a clear picture of the true identity of Black men and women as humane, dignified, honorable, moral people who value their children and who will stand in boldness to protect life.